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"Celebrate Bike Month with Street Meat: Experience a month of bike MAYHEM 2023"

This month-long event is all about encouraging people to get out and explore their city on two wheels. We will be hosting a variety of exciting activities, including community bike rides, scavenger hunts, volunteer work, games and prizes.

As the month progresses, we'll have several opportunities to earn or win Mayhem tokens.  On May 28th at Foxfield Bar and Grill, we'll have our grand finale with live music, raffles, and games.

So come join us and let's have some fun while celebrating biking!


Earn tokens by attending events.  Turn them in for prizes at our final event, May 28th



Every Tuesday at 711 Elmwood Ave:

Meet at 6:45PM
Roll out at 7:00PM

We will have a final stop for food and drinks around 9:00PM with an option to immediately ride back with a group to the CTBC (711 Elmwood) or with a group later.


Tuesday night rides

Tuesday Nights at Cola Town Bike Collective

We host an all inclusive, all genders, all drive trains no drop community bike ride every Tuesday.

The ride is paced at about 8-12 miles per hour and we ride between 8-15 miles through the city, neighborhoods, parks and greenways.  It is a social bike ride conducted to achieve our mission of providing cyclists the experience and confidence of navigating the city by bike.  As a no drop ride, we commit ourselves to leaving no one behind and we will assist in fixing flats, mechanical issues and ensure no one ends up stranded.  

Bike lights and helmets are required.  Please show up prepared (tires pumped, spare tires, etc.)​.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.


Scavenger Hunts

All month long.  Follow us @streetmeatcola on Instagram for more details.

Click HERE for our last scavenger hunt(Started: 5/25/2023)

Street Meat Locker-

Our friends and sponsors will be hosting the "Street Meat Locker", a lock box with a combination lock solved by clues hidden around the city.  First person to open it gets a prize, and everyone after gets a token.  Every time a new prize goes in the locker, we'll change the lock and post new clues on our Instagram.  

Hidden Caches-

We'll have prizes and tokens hidden around the city.  Clues will be posted on Instagram.


All Month Long


Community Service

Community Clean Up

We'll have a community service day, helping clean a local creek on May 6th.



Collect Tokens for prizes!

From the start of May until our closing event on May 28th, we will have several different opportunities to earn or win Mayhem tokens. 


We'll start the month off with 200 tokens.  Each token will be uniquely numbered and labelled.  At the end of the month, we'll award prizes to the top 3 people with the most tokens.  All other tokens can be turned in for raffle tickets, stickers, patches, or t-shirts.

Event Tokens:  For participating in events during May, we'll have Event Tokens, these tokens will be labelled for each event they represent.  Participants will only be able to use one token per event to prevent cheating.

Unique Tokens:  In combination with prizes, we'll be giving away unique tokens, these could be earned in contests, hidden prizes, etc.  Keep up with us on Instagram and Discord for surprise announcements.

Buy in Tokens:  During our Tuesday rides, we'll have 50 tokens available to buy.  These are $5 each and will be considered an Event Token.  You can only use one at the end.   These are optional and are not required to play.   These funds will help fund MAYHEM and leftovers will go to Street Meat's event funds.




Help Out

Help Contribute

If you would like to help out with events during the month, let us know either through Instagram or Discord.

We're looking for sponsors for donations, prizes, cash and locations:   Please click here for more details. 


Our Sponsors

Thanks for helping Street Meat do things.


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